Friday, August 16, 2019

Brain Bias – Common Questions, 9

What do you mean a bias tends to become a belief?

Just that. Studies have identified links between bias and belief. If your bias is that all dogs are dangerous, or all sharks are dangerous, or anyone whose skin tone differs from yours is dangerous, or one political party is more dangerous than the others, or one religion is more dangerous than the others, you can begin to believe that this is absolutely true. Period. Over time, a bias tends to become an entrenched belief, which in turn can reinforce the strength of the bias. As the belief becomes entrenched, it reinforces the bias, which can set a person up to become a zealot or a terrorist or you name it . . . someone whose beliefs and biases are very unbalanced to the point the person believes anyone who has a different belief should be persecuted if not executed.

So what is a belief? (more tomorrow)

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