Thursday, August 29, 2019

Brain Belief – Common Questions, 9

How do beliefs function negatively?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, arguably the foremost current living authority on epigenetics and cellular memory, says that beliefs function much as camera filters, altering the way you see and perceive the world. This can be positive or negative. If you believe that your beliefs are the only true and right beliefs, it is just a small step to believing that anyone who holds a different belief or view point is a blot on society and does not deserve to live. (For example, Hitler believed that the Arian race was the only valid and desirable culture and others were expendable; also that anyone with a mental challenge was a drain on society, and anyone with a different sexual orientation deserved to die.) The good news is that you can identify, evaluate, and change your beliefs, which can impact even your genetic potential--because your biology (body) adapts to your beliefs, which means that up to 70 percent of how long and how well you live is in your hands--based on the lifestyle choices you make, which are based on what you believe, of course.

Beliefs can change, right? (more to come)

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