Thursday, October 17, 2019

Resting Pupil Size & intelligence, 2

After analyzing data related to three studies, researchers consistently found that baseline pupil size is, in fact, related to cognitive ability. They concluded that the relationship could not be explained by differences in mental effort. According to the study abstract, the effect of working memory capacity and fluid intelligence on pupil size persisted even after 23 sessions and after considering the effect of familiarity versus novelty with the environment. They also considered their findings in the context of the underlying neural mechanisms involved. The researchers took into account potential confounding variables such as: age, ethnicity, and drug substances. Bottom line: fluid intelligence, more so than working memory capacity, is related to baseline pupil size. My brain’s opinion? Bravo to your kid for not only listening but also being willing to share what he heard. Hopefully, the response he received does not slam the door on that type of future parent-child communication.

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