Monday, October 14, 2019

Sadness and Anthropomorphizing

 When I feel sad about something it is very difficult for me to change that, even after I have grieved and “thought” I let go of it. Any suggestions?

A recently published study suggests that anthropomorphizing the sadness may help. What does that mean? When people anthropomorphize, they tend to attribute human characteristics or behavior to someone other than yourself: an animal, and inanimate object, a god . . .  When you talk about a thing or an animal as if it were human, you're anthropomorphizing it. The Easter Bunny is an anthropomorphized rabbit. For example, humans tend to anthropomorphize their pet dogs. Apparently, this works for sadness, as well. Create a mental image of something on which you can transfer some of the sadness and this can help you detach from it. More tomorrow

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