Tuesday, November 15, 2022

My Paternal Line

As with everyone else, I also have a paternal line. My patrilineal ancestry reportedly goes back to an African male known as ‘’’Y-Chromosomal Adam.’ Two initial descendants from this male were the Haplogroup A and the Haplogroup BR. Reportedly both of these groups are found today in Sub-Saharan Africa in select populations. There were, of course, migrations out of Africa and a variety of other mutations occurred that split into Haplogroup F, Haplogroup P, and eventually Haplogroup R (distinguishable by its M207 mutation). Haplogroup F descendants appear to have taken the admonition to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ quite literally. Tibet, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, Polynesia, and Indigenous Australians are said to have the only populations out of Africa that are not descendants of this prolific Haplogroup F. A M9 mutation from Haplogroup F resulted in Haplogroup K, which had a M4-5 mutation into Haplogroup P that in turn had a M207 mutation that started the Haplogroup R line. My paternal line appears to be aligned with a section of this group known as Haplogroup R1b, reportedly related to a man in Iberia (modern day Spain) now known as ‘the Patriarch,’ who carried the genetic marker that designates the Haplogroup R1b. 

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