Saturday, September 22, 2012

Figit and Learn

Are you one a person who begins to fidget soon after sitting down? This may be especially true if you've been told to be still. Some brains really need to move to learn. For them, to figit is to learn. Of course, this makes the traditional educational model of "sit down, be quiet, and be still" a nightmare for many. The conclusions from a groundbreaking study conducted by a team at the University of Central Florida could help to change this educational model. "Could" being the key word here. The brains of many individuals (e.g., extraverts, and ADHD children in this study) may be stifled unless they are allowed to move while they learn. For example, some kids (especially those with ADHD) may tap their feet, swivel in their chairs, or bounce in their seats while their brains are busily figuring out a math test or some other educational equivalent.

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