Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Author Daniel Siegel used the term Interpersonal Neurobiology to describe the connection between a person’s history and the way in which those personal experiences have been handled, managed, or dealt with in terms of brain and body. Studies have shown, for example, that women who are unhappily married and do not express their emotions have a greatly increased risk of death compared with similarly unhappy women who do not repress their feelings. Research in Canada showed that people abused in childhood have a nearly fifty percent increased risk of cancer in adulthood. That’s one reason I believe identifying and tweaking the Script you were handed at birth can be so critical (refer to Mini-Monographs at Identifying family-of-origin issues and resolving them in your life can be helpful to your neurobiology, as well. Your body has both innate memory and wisdom. Self-examination, insight, and transformation can result from understanding the wisdom your body possesses.

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