Thursday, September 12, 2013

Divided by a Common Language

I love words. I even enjoy the vagaries of communication. Oh, I deplore the occasional misunderstanding, but even then it can be food for mirth. Take this morning, for instance. I had a prearranged appointment to meet a friend for coffee following another appointment to eat breakfast with a different friend. The breakfast friend rescheduled but my mouth was already watering for a yogurt crepe at IHOP. Consequently, I texted my coffee friend to report the change in plans and said “Still meet for coffee but also plan to eat breakfast.” Back comes a text saying, “See you then. I’ll hold off on breakfast.” My brain thought, Fine. I’ll eat breakfast; my coffee friend can stick with a beverage. Consequently, I texted back: “Great. I’ll listen and eat while you talk and drink.” By return text I read: “Amazing how different brains perceive the same words. I meant I would not eat breakfast at home in favor of eating with you.” Now that’s a friend to hang onto! I laughed all the way to IHOP. The next time your brain perceives words very differently from another brain’s perception, remember that we are divided by a common language and choose to laugh about it…

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