Friday, September 20, 2013

Right Brain-Left Brain

I've been inundated with questions about the Huffington Post Health Living article that read in part: "Everyone should understand the personality types associated with the terminology 'left-brained' and 'right-brained' and how they relate to him or her personally; however, we just don't see patterns where the whole left-brain network is more connected or the whole right-brain network is more connected in some people," study researcher Jared Nielsen, a graduate student in neuroscience at the university, said in the statement. "It may be that personality types have nothing to do with one hemisphere being more active, stronger, or more connected." My understanding of PET Scan studies by Richard Haier MD would corroborate this. A brain's bent (or energy advantage or brain lead or dominance or preference) more likely relates to the amount of energy required to transmit information across the synapse in any given cerebral division and not to brain connections between regions being more left-lateralized or right-lateralized (even though some brain functions do occur in one side or the other side of the cerebrum). Take Broca's area, for example. In most brains (regardless of handedness) it tends to be located in the left frontal lobe.

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