Friday, March 21, 2014

Eyes-On™ and the Brain

The other day I had my blood drawn for an annual physical. The technician exsanguinated me in nothing flat, commenting “You have good veins.” I surmised the patient in the next cubicle wasn’t so fortunate—based on the escalating number of “ouches” exclamations that were drifting my way. And it can be almost impossible to access a good vein, depending on the condition of the patient. Well, guess what? Enter smart glasses that may enable a medical professional to “see through” the patient’s skin to locate a vein. Imagine how happy that could l make your brain, if you’re the patient. Well, the healthcare professional’s brain, too, for that matter. This is how Business Wire put it: “Evena Medical, a leader in the development of high-quality, high-definition imaging for fast, accurate and precise venous access, today announced the launch of its Eyes-On™ Glasses System, a one-of-a-kind point-of-care wearable unit which enables nurses at the bedside to see “through” a patient’s skin to the vasculature beneath. With Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses, even hard-to-locate veins are easier to see and access.” Now that could revolutionize health care in relation to drawing blood. My brain is happy just thinking about it!

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