Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trunk Brain or Cabinet Brain?

Some of you have watch the YouTube presentation by Mark Gungor related to differences between the male and female brains. His analysis of the "nothing box" is hysterical! Some of you wrote to ask whether his material has any basis in fact. My brain’s opinion is, “Yes, it does.” Of course Mark puts his own spin on the way he describes the differences (e.g., Male brains are filled with little boxes and the rule is that the boxes do not touch; female brains are a big ball of wire and everything is connected). Those of you who have attended my male-female differences seminars will recall I use a different metaphor (e.g., think of the female brain as a trunk; a male brain as a complex set of drawers, cupboards, and pigeonholes . . .)  Both metaphors work. The real question may be: “Once you understand the metaphor, how do you turn this information into personal knowledge and use it to positively alter your behaviors in cross-gender situations?” A fact is just a fact, however interesting, until you practically apply it in a way that increases your likelihood of achieving positive outcomes in cross-gender communication. Go for it and have fun in the process!

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