Monday, July 21, 2014

Bias vs Prejudice, 2

Prejudice can be defined in several differing ways.

  • A prejudgment before becoming aware of the relevant facts; feeling, favorable or unfavorable, toward a person or thing, prior to, or not based on, actual experience.

  • A preconceived opinion or judgment or attitude, usually unfavorable (and sometimes hostile), toward a person or group because of gender, social class, financial situation, gender, political opinion, age, disability, religion (or fractions with a religion), sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, language, nationality, or any other supposed characteristic or belief.

As separate from bias, prejudice appears to be learned. That “learning” can be passed along in the script each human being is handed (at least metaphorically) at birth and probably passed through cellular memory, as well. It is likely strengthened by what the person observes in his or her environment, including how the individual is treated. Part 3 tomorrow.

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