Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plate Color and Appetite

Do you need to drop a few pounds? What color are your dishes? The UK's Daily Telegraph recently reported on a study published in the journal Appetite Researchers have reported that eating food off red-colored plates and drinking from red cups can cut consumption by approximately 40 percent. This may be because "red" is often associated with stop signals and danger (as in red fire engines). Red dishes may trigger stop associations in the brain. Researchers initially took 41 male students, and asked them to drink tea from cups with both red and blue labels. The participants drank 44 percent less from the red-labeled vessels. Part two of the study involved 109 people, who were instructed to eat pretzels laid out on either a red, blue, or white plate. Again, participants who were given the red plates reportedly consumed less. Some have suggested that using red cups in pubs and bars might help limit patrons’ alcohol consumption, and that using red packaging in supermarkets might serve as a deterrent for purchasing unhealthy foods.

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