Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brain and Pedophilic Behaviors, 1

Is the brain of someone who exhibits pedophilic behaviors different from the brains of those who do not? Results of a research project let by Jorge Ponseti at the University of Kiel in Germany, was recently published in the scientific journal Biology Letters. Typically, seeing the faces of children elicit feelings of caregiving from both males and females. Ponseti’s studies showed that this trend appears to be skewed in the brains of pedophiles. Their brains appear to be “abnormally tuned” to find young children sexually attractive, children’s faces eliciting sexual feelings as opposed to nurturing feelings. Is it possible that the brains of pedophiles are wired to find children sexually attractive rather than adults? Charlotte Lytton reported in The Daily Beast that the brains of “paedophiles react to images they find attractive in the same way as most people—but for some reason this reaction happens when they see images of children, rather than other adults.” Their perceptions appear to be turned upside down. Part 2 tomorrow

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