Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Longevity Lifestyle Matters

Today begins the first-ever 12-week seminar based on the book I co-authored entitled: Longevity Lifestyle Matters—Keeping Your Brain, Body, and Weight in the Game. It is being presented by the Pacific Health Education Center in Bakersfield, California, with CEO Steve Horton, MPH, Sharlet M. Briggs, PhD, and yours truly. For at least the last decade, emerging research has strongly suggested that lifestyle matters more than you may think; in fact it matters at least as much as genetics in most cases. Half the factors that influence aging are within your partial of not complete control. In fact, it may matter significantly more than genetics. According to Drs Roisen and Oz, 70% percent of how long and how well you live is in your hands. The authors and a group os wellness coaches will be working with the very first class, a group of individuals who have decided to take into their own hands what they can impact--and are committed to doing so for as long as they live. They will also have the option of becoming charter members of Club 122 Longevity. Stay tuned for periodic updates.

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