Friday, February 27, 2015

Living Younger for Longer

Current research is providing a great deal of encouragement for people who want to join live younger for longer, who want to join www.Club 122  Next week we’ll talk about tips for maintaining an optimum weight. Dieting and obsessing about your weight is unhelpful in the long term. Creating a balanced Longevity Lifestyle, incorporating the key components, and maintaining it for the rest of your life typically results in your weight balancing itself as a byproduct of a healthier lifestyle. Take one tip at a time. Incorporate it into your lifestyle. Stop thinking “deprivation “and “can’t have,” and start thinking “This is fun. I’m purchasing insurance for a healthier aging process.” It’s a gift you give yourself—and the people you love. Imagine how much happier they will be when your lifestyle changes help you to avoid brain shrinkage and reduce your risk for diseases and dementia.

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