Thursday, July 2, 2015

Brain and 1st Impressions, Part 4

Other nonverbals also contribute to the first impression you make. When you look directly at the other person’s eyes, your energy and openness are communicated. If you’re not skilled at doing this, just train yourself to look directly at the other individual’s eyes and note his or her eye color. Their brain will sense your brain’s attitude so decide in advance the attitude you want to project: negative or positive, insecure or confident, disaffirming or affirming, powerless or powerful, bored or interesting, incompetent or competent. Some say that status and power are nonverbally conveyed by the use of height and space. Standing tall (even if you’re short), pulling your shoulders back, and holding your head up are signals of confidence and competence. You have 1/10th of a second in which to make an initial impression—likely reinforced in the next 6 and 9/10th seconds—but if you know what you’re doing that’s all you need to make a positive and memorable impression.” How does your appearance make an impression your own brain? Part 5 tomorrow.

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