Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Changeable as the Weather

As a child I recall hearing my father make a comment that “so-and-so” is as changeable as the weather. Indeed, living on the Canadian prairies the weather could be quite changeable. Norway had it all over Canada on my recent trip to the fabulous Geiranger Fjord in Norway, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Geiranger, our coach wound its way up the Eagle Road with its eleven hairpin turns (and I mean hairpin) to Mount Daisnibba, nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. There, at the summit of Daisnibba Mountain with its glacier, it was snowing. Back down the mountain to sun and 55o F with moderate winds. The next day in Trondheim the weather was 45o F. with a light rain that turned into a hail storm. But the pea-sized hail lasted only about three minutes. Then the weather was back to sunny with intermittent cloud patterns. My brain has a new description of “changeable as the weather.” Fortunately, my brain thrives on variety . . .

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