Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet Murphy

Recently I spent a few days with one of my co-authors, Dr. Marilyn Banford, in White Rock. Nearly 14 years ago she adopted a little black lab that she named Murphy. Over time I’ve watched this ‘little puppy’ grow and grow and grow. Not fat, mind you, just larger and larger and larger! I’ve found it fascinating to note that this huge black lab seems to remember me whenever I show up in his environment, no matter if it’s been 2-3 years. On this last trip, I was plopped down in a lounge chair on the patio doing 15 minutes of challenging brain exercises (Whirly Word). Animals are very sensitive to the electromagnetic energy discharged by our neurons. Mine must have been positive, because along comes Murphy and with one small step (for him) decided to share the lounge. He created a minor earthquake as he decided where to settle down. You can see that he took up most of the lounge and his front paws hung off the end, at that. Talk about feeling dwarfed by a dog . . .

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