Friday, July 17, 2015

Land of the Midnight Sun

Some of you may recall my blogs several years ago about seeing the “midnight sun” in Iceland, thanks to the kindness of my friend Unnur, who took me on a two-day (and night, of course) whirlwind trip half-way around the island. My brain and I experienced the midnight sun again this summer on another island, this time among the fjords of Norway—during the two months when the sun never sets. And if you think that is simply an expression, it is also a reality. Every year from May 21 to July 21 the sun doesn’t not deign to sink below the horizon. On a clear night, it’s worth staying up to see. In life you typically give up something to get something, however. This adventure brought with it a 15-day internet interlude. So if you had a delayed response to an email you sent me during that period, it was because I had crossed the Arctic Circle Longitude N 66o 33’ and Latitude 12o 03’ and kept on going North—where Wi-Fi was not easily available (or accessible when it was available). It was such fun to cross into the Arctic Circle for the second time in my life. This time by sea, so I saw the nautical marker.

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