Wednesday, December 9, 2015

FoMo - at Work

FoMo may be equally impactful in the workplace. Results of a study on FoMo (the fear of missing out) by Dr. Andrew Przybylski of the University of Essex, was published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour. He looked at a sample of more than 2,000 working Britons aged 18-65. He discovered that FoMo was highest for those individuals who reported they didn’t perceive that their basic psychological needs were being met: feeling engaged, nurtured and acknowledged. Okay, that’s a basic human need. It can be very rewarding when you feel engaged with others, nurtured, and acknowledged by them. That is not a slam-dunk in life, however. First, you learn how to do that for yourself, the only person who will be with you for your entire life. You raise your Emotional Intelligence so you have very realistic expectations of what you actually need from others and what they can give you. You carefully select a few close friendships that are healthily reciprocal in affirming themselves and others—because within about three years you tend to pick up their behaviors. So make sure their behaviors are some you want. Get busy creating and maintaining a Longevity Lifestyle that works for your brain, goals, and objectives for how you want to spend your time on this planet—which goes by very quickly, if you’ve not already figured that out. And you ask yourself some key questions. More tomorrow.

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