Monday, December 21, 2015


The phone rang and a voice asked, “Aren’t you just completely frazzled?” I began to laugh. Couldn’t help it. “If your definition of ‘frazzled’ is a state of being weary or exhausted or anxious or distressed, the answer is no. I definitely am not frazzled. “But it’s approaching the end of the year!” the voice continued. “So it is, so it is,” I replied. “And your point would be?” The voice sighed. “I’m always completely and unmitigatedly frazzled as the year end approaches. It happens every year. I’ve come to expect it. Nothing I can do about it.” Another vocal sigh. “Well,” I responded, “if you are expecting frazzled, your brain will bend over backwards to give you what it thinks you want, number one. And number two, your brain can only do what it thinks it can do. You’ve obviously taught it that it can be frazzled.” The voice blazed: “I called to get some sympathy and all I’m getting is ‘Brain Talk.’” I laughed again. ‘Brain Talk’ has saved my life. Try it. You just might like it.

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