Monday, December 14, 2015

Need a New Achronym

Someone emailed me this weekend (and yes, I'm more likely to answer emails than any other electronic communication strategy): “I've been thinking about FoMo and believe I probably have gotten caught up in it. I need an achronym to describe the opposite of FoMo, the fear of missing out. Someone suggested JoMo or the joy of missing out, but that doesn’t work for my brain.” I agree. I want to embrace life, not miss out on it and then try to be happy about missing something. Sheesh! I am selective, however, about what I want in life, what I want to contribute, and what works for my brain. What works for another person is about their brain and their life. Not mine. So there is nothing to envy. JoLL might work: the joy of a Longevity Lifestyle—because that’s what I’m living. If you can think of others, email me at (because it might be several weeks before I have time to check social media sites. After all, I can write a weekday blog or record another audio book or live on social media sites). Smile.

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