Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Who Makes the Decision, 2?

Try this, take a piece of paper and draw a dot on it. Count backwards from ten to zero. When you start to say the word zero put your finger on the dot and press it as if it were a button. Pay attention and ask yourself: “At what moment did my brain tell my finger to move?” In one sense, your brain—although it is inside your skull and part of your brain-body—can be thought of as a separate entity. The brain can only do what it thinks it can do and you are the one who tells it what it can do. That forms part of the basis for learning to talk to you brain as if it were a separate entity and you are giving it directions about what it can do. So you say, “Maylene, you exercise for 20 minutes every morning before breakfast.” “Jacob, you drink a glass of water before every meal.” That helps ‘to program’ your brain and tell it what you are expecting—and now the two of you work together to accomplish what you want to have happen.

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