Thursday, August 2, 2018

Brain & Water, 2

Normally, more water exists inside your cells than in the spaces outside. Dehydration disrupts this balance as more water is in the spaces outside your brain cells than inside. Some of your energy comes from the movement of water in and out of the cells and since dehydration interrupts this, your energy levels can fall. A 1% level of dehydration can result in a 5% disruption of your cognitive function. The result? Memory problems, wrinkling of skin and body organs, concentration of body fluids, and inability to do simple math prolems like making change at the store. A loss of fluid within the cells can cause brain tissue to pull away from the skull. Bottom line? Shrinkage of brain tissue is now a known factor linked to dementia. Since thirst sensation tends to fall after age fifty, it becomes crucial to drink by design. Some physicians suggest drinking enough water to pee one or two pale urines every day. More Tomorrow.

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