Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Overthinking & Depression, 3

Some have suggested that females may experience more traumatic events than do males—not that males get off scot-free by any means. Generally, however, females are likely to be assigned lower-paying jobs with lower levels of reward and recognition, as well as being responsible for child care (or for figuring out how to solve it) along with caregiving for elderly relatives. It is what it is. What females do have going for them is typically a larger support or social network and often a willingness to ask for help. However, it is vitally important to develop a positive, can-do mindset, live a balanced life to the best of your ability, and break the cycle of rumination. When you recognize a stressor, ask yourself: “Will this really matter 12 months from now?” If the answer is yes, then access your social network and ask for help brainstorming options. If the answer is no, consciously make a choice to let it go. More tomorrow.

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