Wednesday, January 16, 2019

French Jeanne Louise Calment, 3

So how did Russian Gerontologist Valery Novoselov begin to question the reportedly documented lifespan of Jeanne Louise Calment of 122 years, 164 days? Well, Novoselov who initially called for the investigation into Jeanne's age, said he first became suspicious because Jeanne didn't fit typical data trends. "Jeanne is a dot away from the main trend," the researcher told the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to extending the human lifespan. Whenever a new record is set, the person dies several days or several weeks later, very rarely several months later. However, we are never speaking about years apart, definitely not several years. If the Russian researcher’s theory proves to be true, the record will pass to American Sarah Knauss, who died in 1999 at the documented age of 119. More tomorrow.

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