Monday, February 10, 2020

Age-Proofing Your Brain

I’ve heard you speak about age-proofing the brain and I need some tips! Alzheimer’s runs in my family and I’m scared. So does dementia. Can you help me?

First of all, I empathize with your concerns about your brain since dementia appears to run in your family, Alzheimer’s being one type of dementia. Studies have shown that there are steps you can take to help prevent some types of dementia (due to failure to stimulate and challenge the brain on a regular basis, for example) and to slow the onset of development of some other types. I can share some strategies with you. However, you are the only person who can do it for you—the only person who can actually build these strategies into your daily life. Can everything negative be prevented? Of course not. But recognize that genetics is believed to contribute only about 30 percent to how well and how long you live. Epigenetics (everything that impacts you except genetics), including your lifestyle, contribute at least 70 percent to how well and how long you live. More than half of all the factors that impact aging are within your partial if not complete control. More tomorrow.

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