Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Brain & Air Quality, 3

What can be done? In addition to toxic fumes carried in the air, poor air quality due to particles in the Personally, I drive a hybrid vehicle to do my part to reduce emissions. Some people have no easy option in terms of where they live. Others can relocate off a busy highway or more than a quarter of a mile from a freeway. I also carry a N95 particulate respirator (mask) with me in the car and if I am driving through a dust storm or smoke, I put it on. Part of the problem is that particles in the air take up space that oxygen molecules would ordinarily occupy. Therefore, the brain is slightly anoxic—which, of course, diminishes the amount of oxygen the brain can receive with each breath. It’s a global problem and one person cannot solve it. But one person can do something and cumulatively, that can make a positive difference. Do what you can do! 

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