Tuesday, May 12, 2020

FOMO 2020

It’s been several years now since I heard someone use the term FOMO—the fear of missing out on something. I just heard it again the other day. Yes, in these days of sheltering in place, self-quarantining, FOMO has been raising its head all over again just using different verbiage—and this time there are genuine concerns related to employment, graduation, work, and the risks associated with this latest pandemic. The fear of not having enough toilet paper, or hand sanitizer, or face masks, or gloves . . . and it’s real. The fear of not getting to do all the fun stuff around graduation; the fear of “getting older while we’re waiting to get married!” It’s not funny—we might as well laugh, however, because it is the new reality and laughter helps strengthen the immune system-–exactly what everyone needs right now. What does FOMO have to do with the brain? Everything. Because everything begins in the brain.
On one of my lecture tours “down under,” I heard about a FOMO study that had been done in Australia. I pulled out my notes about that. More tomorrow.

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