Wednesday, May 13, 2020

FOMO Australia

In an Australian study commissioned by viagogo, 70 percent of those surveyed reported they had experienced FOMO—and far more than once! Interestingly, they were more likely to be members of Gen-Y or female. One of the interesting conclusions from the study was that Facebook is the worst culprit for triggering this ‘missing out’ phenomenon. Nearly 5,000,000 Australians say they experienced FOMO after using Facebook. Yes, I have a Facebook page (Arlene R. Taylor PhD Brain Function Specialist), which I check every couple of months or so. When I mentioned that while I was talking about FOMO, the response was:Well, you got a life.” That was the best laugh I’d had all week. Currently, social media is actually HELPING everyone deal with the pandemic. So, you see, almost anything can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances and your mindset. More tomorrow.

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