Friday, May 15, 2020

FOMO Pluses, 2

I communicate with individuals via email and texting and find it interesting—as always—how individual brains are responding to this physical distancing, and even to being willing to take additional protective measures. Do I like wearing masks? No. Didn’t like it when I was a nurse epidemiologist and dealing with communicable diseases in the health system I worked for. Don’t like it now. Am I wearing them if I go out? You bet! I wear them now on my weekly foray for fresh food. I haven’t filled the car tank with gas (petrol) in weeks. Will this guarantee I will stay infection free? No guarantees in life except death and taxes, as my little French grandma used to say . . . but it will likely increase the odds considerably. Yes, it is likely easiest for Introverted brains who try to minimize excess stimulation anyway. More difficult for ambiverts, especially if the lean toward the Extroverted end of the EAI Continuum. Likely most challenging for Extroverts. But in their search for brain stimulation, just look how creative they have become! Entire choirs of individuals, each with their own picture on the computer of TV screen. Talk shows with each host on a split screen. The human brain is amazing! Tell it thank you for helping us get through this—together.

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