Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nutrigenomics, 2

Nutrition offers different substances to an organism that can work as energy supplier (carbohydrate and fat), as cell structure sources (proteins), and on metabolism control (vitamins and minerals), thus maintaining its homeostasis or balance. The brain and body work most efficiently when everything is in balance. The nutritional state of an individual is the result of the interaction between various factors, such as genetic background, physical body, and emotional and social state. Food is a key role factor. The nutrients and other bioactive compounds present in food can either be beneficial or initiate disease. Illnesses related to food consumption include celiac disease, phenylketonuria, and Nontransmissible Chronic Diseases, or NTCDs. These include cancer, diabetes, and dislipidemies (e.g., Familial combined hyperlipidemia). An individual’s state of health depends on the interaction between their genes and the food they eat. The goal of Nutrigenomics, along with other omic sciences, is to clarify the interaction between genes and bioactive compounds from food sources. More tomorrow.

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