Friday, November 6, 2020

20:80 Rule & Balance

I like what you have been writing about homeostasis or balance. It is helpful. I have been endeavoring to live the 20:80 Rule and it is VERY helpful. Would that help with balance?

Absolutely, in my brain’s opinion. For those who may have missed the blogs on it, the 20:80 Rule comes from the 2nd Century philosopher, Epictetus. He taught that when you are confronted with a stressor and experience distress, remember that only 20 percent of the distress you are experiencing has anything to do with the event. 80 percent has to do with the weight you are giving to the event, its level of perceived importance in your life, and how you are viewing it. This means that when you cannot avoid the event, you can have 20 percent of the negativity impact you. However, you can do everything about the 80 percent because your brain creates our perceptions. Living the 20:80 Rule can help you avoid giant pendulum swings that push you from one extreme to the other. Not only can it help you minimize negative consequences to your brain and body from stressors, but it can also help you keep a balanced perspective when confronted with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Allow it to enable you to laugh at the vagaries of life—with a sense of humor and style all your own—and thrive by design. 

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