Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Tell Your Brain What You Want it to Do

The brain works best in balance. Period. But it can only do what it thinks it can do and your mindset and self-talk convey to it what it can do. Be intentional. Tell it what you want it to help you do. Following are some things to consider.

 Simplify and stop trying to keep up with anyone else—it’s your life, your energy, and your longevity

 Shut off all electronics an hour before bedtime (unless you must specifically be ‘on call’) or wear glasses that block blue light waves—they keep the brain alert

 Keep all electronics out of your bedroom as studies show they can impact your sleep even when the devices are shut down.

Let your phone go to voice mail during mealtimes; disable work email when on a holiday or at least check it only once or twice a day for brief periods. 

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