Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tips on Balance


 Stop majoring in minors. Identify what is major and focus on that. Let the rest, the minor stuff, go.

 Destress with brain breathing, the Quieting Reflex, music, or other strategy that works for your brain and body

     Get your mindset and self-talk in line to maximize your available energy

 Decide if you choose to be at the beck and call to whomever decides they want you for something—now. Choose how available you will be with the world at large.

 Take time to reflect, play, and have fun—life goes by faster than you might think

 Be intentional and balanced about social media—avoid allowing it to eat up valuable time every day. Studies suggest that those who spend the most time each day social media tends to be more anxious and less happy and satisfied with life.

 Go for the gold—Balance!

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