Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Happiness & TIme

When you are doing something that you enjoy or that gives you satisfaction because you are providing a service to others time usually goes by quite quickly. First responders have reported that some days a shift just zoomed by, even if their duties often involved sadness. Children playing a game they absolutely love—in person or electronically—may lose all sense of the passing of time and be stunned, if not outright upset, when it is time for meals or bedtime. Although you may not have control over the environment or over every task you must do, attempting to approach it with joy and satisfaction may help the time pass more quickly. Hating what you must do likely will make time seem like it is creeping by and the shift or tasks will never be over. This may be a good time to work on one’s mindset. Aim for a positive, can-do mindset. While it may not speed up time, I may not slow it down, either. 

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