Thursday, January 7, 2021

Is everyone Biased?

I have learned a lot reading your blogs about bias. My question is whether everyone is biased? I watch the polarization in this country and it appears to me that all members of all political parties are biased so maybe everyone is biased. If so, how can that be fixed?


Thank you for a thoughtful question. It is always a bit dicey when talking about all versus none. However, current wisdom seems to be that every human brain is biased—toward a personal safety orientation. The problem arises when that bias is extended due to philosophical reasons rather than to issues of personal safely. This allows people to brush over, ignore, or accept key mental health abnormalities such as malignant narcissism, over-the-top paranoia, and even behaviors that align with antisocial personality disorders. That is how a nation can slowly and even stealthily move from a true democracy to one of a dictatorship style of governance. History is full of such examples.

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