Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2021

 365 have rolled around,
Many still find themselves homebound.
We get a new start after quite the year—
With floods and fires and air not clear.

Many went early from COVID-19,
It’s tough to remember and stay serene—
We learned for sure there is no guarantee,
Even for those with a pedigree.

Do let go of fear and anxiety,
It certainly won’t change society.
I hope PPE and distance apart,
Will give prevention a needed kickstart.

It is time for another COVID test,
So far, all negative—I feel blest.
Retired is such a wonderful time.
I do what I choose and how sublime!

I find it fun to write from home.
Arranging words in prose and poem.
My latest book was just released,
Ideas abound for four more at least. 

Most days I make time for music I love,
Fingers on keyboard like hand in a glove.
A great deal of fun this playing with sounds,
Something like writing—just follow the hounds.

A blessing my house remains intact
Although a suitcase is always packed.
Evacuations from fire and smoke,
Felled many plans with just one stroke.

Persons persist in ringing the bell,
Another sales pitch—that is just swell.
Apparently, they had tried before—
Some of their comments I ignore.

After all I am not under quarantine,
Or compelled to interrupt my routine.
I should never ever have answered the door,
Of magazines I need zero more.

I close the door and remove my mask,
It does make breathing an easier task.
No steamed up glasses, no smeared lipstick,
No misheard words from blurred acoustic.

I chuckle aloud and smile at myself,
And take my iPhone from the shelf.
Laughter-by-mobile, affirming dialogue—
And now I can write about Croakin the frog.

As we embark on an uncertain year,
To me, all in all, it seems quite clear.
It really is not what happens to us,
As much as how we respond and discuss.

With calm clear vision and less upset,
This could be our very best year yet.
Wherever you are and whatever you do,
I’m sending good wishes from me to you.

PS - One of my dear friends just reminded me that at 12:01 am on January 1st —and for the first time ever—hindsight is actually 2020.

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