Saturday, May 26, 2012

Brain Binge

Did you know that binge drinking accounts for more than half of the estimated 80,000 average annual deaths and three quarters of $223.5 billion in economic costs resulting from excessive alcohol consumption in the United States? Not only that, an estimated 2.3 million years of potential life was lost in the USA each year during 2001-2005 from excessive alcohol use (e.g., defined by CDC as consuming four or more drinks per occasion for females or five or more drinks per occasion for males). According to the Centers for Disease Control 2010 data, binge drinking is reported by one in six adults in America. Binge drinking prevalence (28.2%) and intensity (9.3 drinks) were highest among persons aged 18–24 years while frequency was highest among binge drinkers aged ≥65 years. Choose to protect your brain and your safety on this Memorial Day Weekend. Have a wonderful holiday and make choices that increase the likelihood you'll be around next year at the same time.

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