Saturday, July 13, 2013

Female Brains & Painkiller Overdoses, 4

Prescription painkiller overdose deaths are a growing problem among women. There are strategies that woman can use to reduce the risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control, women can and need to:

• Discuss all medications they are taking (including over-the-counter) with their health care provider.

• Use prescription drugs only as directed by a health care provider, and store them in a secure place.

• Dispose of medications properly, as soon as the course of treatment is done. Do not keep prescription medications around "just in case." (See

• Help prevent misuse and abuse by not selling or sharing prescription drugs. Never use another person's prescription drugs.

• Discuss pregnancy plans with their health care provider before taking prescription painkillers.

• Get help for substance abuse problems (1-800- 662-HELP); call Poison Help (1-800-222-1222) for questions about medicines.

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