Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happiness and Countries

You might find it interesting to read the section on “happiness” in a recent TIME (July 8-15, 2013). I found a couple of comments fascinating. One was about Canadians (my country of origin) and the other was about Icelanders (I recently returned from a delightful visit):

When it comes to work-life balance and life satisfaction, Canadians score significantly higher than Americans while making considerably less money.

They may have suffered through a near crippling economic downturn and regularly face long, hard winters, but people in Iceland have the strongest sense of community and the closest social networks in the world—big factors in leading a happy life.

Happiness likely involves a personal mindset, a choice made in the brain. It may be based less on what happens to you and more on the spin you choose to put on what happens to you…

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