Sunday, August 25, 2013

Single Option Aversion

Did you know that consumers are more likely to search for alternatives when they are given only one option? That’s the finding of a new study at Tulane University. According to Daniel Mochon, author of an article “Single Option Aversion” in the Journal of Consumer Research:“Single Option Aversion: “There has been a lot of recent attention devoted to the pitfalls of presenting consumers with too many options. However, consumers may also react negatively when choices are too restrictive. Isolating an option, even temporarily, may increase how much consumers search and potentially the likelihood that they make no purchase.” That got me thinking about my brain and options. It likes them. Yes, I typically narrow down options to two (after all my brain only has two hemispheres). Nevertheless, my brain likes options and I have walked away from a potential purchase when there was only one option. Unless, of course, it was an emergency and it was take what’s available or risk adverse outcomes. What does your brain tend to like?

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