Friday, August 9, 2013

Technology and Chemistry

Technology is here to stay. That’s a given. There are on-going debates about what you “get” versus what you “give up” to obtain and use this technology, however. What does one give up? According to Cindy Herington, dating expert at It’s Just Lunch (reportedly the world’s largest personalized matchmaking service):  “While we may use technology to stay connected to friends and family, when it comes to meeting potential partners, the digital world obscures the thing that matters most: chemistry… Real chemistry happens in person.” What does one get? It depends on who you talk to and their age. Recently a friend of mine described a YouTube presentation she was developing that shows how some teachers are using technology to motivate students to learn. Each student gets an iPad and downloads assignments from a cloud and uploads completed work to the cloud. The teacher can access the student’s work at any time from that same cloud. Hopefully, in the very near future I will be able to share a link to that YouTube presentation, which you just might find fascinating. Stay tuned.

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