Monday, January 27, 2014

Would You Be Aware of Your Own Poor Performance?

.Accurate self-evaluation is tough at best. Many fall off the "I did a fabulous job" side of the road while others slip over the bank of "I did an absolutely horrible job." Harvard Business Review recently sent out a blurb entitled "If You Were a Poor Performer, You Wouldn’t Be Aware of It." It reported on research by Thomas Schlösser of the University of Cologne in Germany. The Daily Stat put it this way: “People who lack the skill to perform well also tend to lack the ability to judge performance (their own or others’); because of this “dual curse,” they fail to recognize how incompetent they truly are. But skills aren’t set in stone: Teaching poor performers to solve logic problems causes them to see their own errors and reduce their previous estimates of their performance.” [Journal of Economic Psychology Volume 39, December 2013, Pages 85–100] The good news, of course, is that a person can learn to become more accurate at self-evaluation . . .

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