Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your Time and Energy Perception

How does your brain perceive the passing of time? Does it seem to go by slowly or at the speed of light? Your perception of time often has to do with what you are doing at the moment. Is it an activity that you enjoy and find stimulating and energizing versus an activity you would procrastinate or avoid doing altogether if you believed you really had that option. And often you do have that option. It’s just that your family script or your subconsciously absorbed beliefs, attitudes, and expectations have led you to think you do not. It’s true that during childhood you may have been refused breakfast until your bed was made. In adulthood, however, you choose whether you want to make your bed (often I leave mine unmade and open to the air) and when you want to eat breakfast (sometimes I eat mine in the evening . . .) Part of conscious awareness involves the skill of paying immediate attention to how time is passing. Ask yourself: “As I do this specific task, does time seem to be passing relatively quickly or slowly or pretty much in sync with the clock?” Go through the same process and ask yourself: “How is my energy level as I do this specific task: high, drained, or fairly neutral?” It’s sometimes surprising what your brain tells you . . .

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