Monday, April 28, 2014

Your Brain's Opinion

Every brain is unique and only has its own opinion. The other day I heard a conversation that went something like this. Person A: “You did a great job. I really enjoyed your presentation!” Person A1: “Are you kidding? I hardly had any time to prepare. I don’t think it was very good.At that, Person A actually took a step backwards, exhibiting a facial expression that changed from one of joy and appreciation to one of confusion and embarrassment. At the time I did not step up and say anything because I was unsure whether my contribution would make the situation better or worse. Just yesterday I overheard another conversation between two different individuals. It went like this. Person B: “I like your outfit. It’s a great color for you.” Person B1: “What, this old thing? I’ve had it for ages—just grabbed it from the back of my closet.”  Person B shrugged and walked away. Likely that’s the last time this individual will take the time and energy to affirm Person B1. I understand that position, although it will be Person B1’s loss. In both instances, the recipient of the affirmation effectively shut down the individuals who were offering the compliment and affirmation. More tomorrow on what I think is really happening in situations such as these.

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