Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brain-Body Connection 3

Many factors can predispose a person to developing illness, disease, and/or a shortenened lifespan. Many of those factors are lived unconsciously, behaviors that have been passed down from past generations, a lack of knowledge, insufficient awareness, and a failure to live mindfully in the present, to name just a few. Yes, heredity and environmental hazards can and do impact illness and longevity. Not everything can be prevented or fixed. However, identifying family patterns of behaviors and illnesses can give you the option to make healthier choices. Thinking ahead and living a lifestyle that promotes clear thinking and responsible choices can often prevent many environmental hazards. Despite decades of correlation studies that drinking alcoholic beverages and driving make bad bed-mates, 2010 data revealed that one person died every 48 minutes in the USA due to motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver.  All of those deaths (to say nothing of injuries that did not result in immediate death) were preventable.  More tomorrow. External Web Site Icon

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