Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brain-Body Connection

As Gabor Mate, MD, put it in his When the Body Says NO, "It is a sensitive matter to raise the possibility that the way people have been conditioned to live their lives may contribute to their illness." Some are now saying that the way people have been conditioned to live their lives also impacts their longevity. If estimates that 70 percent of how long you live and how well you live while you are alive relates to factors that you can at least partially (if not completely) control are accurate, you may play a much greater role that you have perhaps understood. First, blame and contribution are two different things. As Dr. Mate puts it, apart from being  morally obtuse, blaming the sufferer is completely unfounded from a scientific point of view. However, being morally responsible for making healthier choices and instead of just reacting or over-reacting is not only possible for the vast majority of individuals but also impact the link between mind and body and emerging understandings of health.  Human beings need to become aware of the link between mind and body or brain and body, not only for an understanding of illness but also for an understanding of health. More Tomorrow

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