Friday, October 10, 2014

Brain-Body Connection 4

Repression of what is going on the one's mind and body can cause high levels of stress; and high levels of unmanaged stressors can be significant contributors to illness. How does one become more aware? One way to begin is to learn all you can about your generational history. Compare common exhibited behaviors against current studies that correlate them with illness and longevity. How many of those behaviors do you typically exhibit in your life? You have a choice: continue them or develop healthier behaviors. Become mindfully aware of the behaviors you are exhibiting at any given moment. Do you choose to continue them or make a different choice. Be aware of the past and have goals for the future--and live in the present. If you have not done much family-of-origin work to identify common behaviors and levels of health and longevity, check out my min-monograph. In my life, it's been more than worth the work!

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